Play as Boz, a dog whose adventurer master left to vanquish an evil enemy at the top of a tower - and didn't take Boz along with him, or the ball he threw before he left! Deliver the ball to the top of the tower and be a Good Dog!

Featuring a brilliant soundtrack by LarnerUpdog is a challenging, non-violent platformer. Try to return the ball as quickly as possible! Your best time will be saved, post it below to compete with other players!

Note: If you'd like a different experience, turn on Double Jump mode! See details below.


GameBoy buttonKeyboard (QWERTY)
Up/Down/Left/RightArrow Keys
Double Jump Mode (see below)
Hold Select [S] and press [Up]
Ball recall (see below)
Hold Select [S] and press Start [A]

Keys can be rebound using the TIC-80 operating system by pressing Esc

Double Jump mode

You can turn on Double Jump mode by holding Select [S] and pressing [Up]. This mode will grant you a second jump mid-air after regular jumps and wall jumps. High scores will be marked with a Double Jump icon if you had it on at any time during the run.

Double Jump mode can also be used for another speedrun category as best times are stored separately!

Has your ball disappeared or is unreachable?

Never fear! Ancient canine magic is available to you! Simply hold Select [S] and press Start [A] and your ball will be teleported to your feet. But beware, a full 3 minute time penalty will be applied. All magic comes at a cost!

Performance issues with the web version?

Please download the standalone exe below to play natively on Windows.

Developer playthrough

If you'd like a hint, or just want to watch the game without playing it, watch my full playthrough here:

GBJAM Disclaimer

Updog was made for GBJAM8 in TIC-80, a fantasy console. The resolution and palette of the TIC-80 operating system cannot be modified to suit the rules of the jam. However, the game itself does follow all the rules. Pressing Escape will bring up the TIC-80's built in menu - this should also not be considered part of the entry as it cannot be modified.

Known issues I will try to fix when the ratings period ends
  • Walljumping in 1 tile width gaps is unreliable and often doesn't work
  • Boz can sometimes teleport through chickens when pushing against them
  • The ball can sometimes be teleported away when jammed into a corner by a chicken
  • High scores for single jump and double jump mode can sometimes not get stored separately, and one can overwrite the other.


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updog-v1.2.exe 3.6 MB

Development log


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[EDIT] i am stoopid, jf1x literally worked on Fetch Quest
Short, but challenging and fun. It does look like you pulled some things from Fetch Quest, such as the dog sprites, bark sound, and the concept of the bark, but it's not just simple ripoff. You remade the physics, made a new level, and... chickens, I guess. Very nice. 

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you found it fun! I actually made this solo before Fetch Quest as part of a game jam and Lumpy and I then developed Fetch Quest with this as a base/inspiration. Hope this provides some more info! did i not notice that.

I am an idiot sometimes.


It is entertaining, has a challenging factor.

I discovered that pressing (X) + (Y) buttons makes the ball return to Boz.
It is very useful when the ball is lost due to a bug and goes through the walls


Awesome, beautiful, and awesomely beautiful! I'm looking for games for a Gameboy emulator, and this definitely needs to be part of my collection. Port it to Gameboy if at all possible!!!

Thanks mate, was nice to get this message today after not thinking about the project in a few months!

I'd love to help out, but unfortunately it'd need to be completely rewritten. Right now it's just in the Gameboy "style" but written with a modern fantasy console. Sorry to disappoint, but good luck on your hunt!




Nice game


just got 03:16.1





Its a very fun and cute game great job!


this is so much fun! i got 18:31 with double jump mode

Thanks for playing Vogel! I'm glad you had fun.


What is UpDog? AH SHIT

Got 'im


Congrats to the dev on making a fantastic little game! I really like the included timer, it kept pushing me to try and complete it faster. My best time is 1:51 (never had a speedrun world record before haha). Anybody think they can do better?  :P


Thank you tpep! That is such a great time!!! I think this record may be broken eventually but it will be hard to beat

it is really cute and precision heavy on those walls jumps towards the end  

i gettin there


very good still trying tough

Thanks for playing StickyBicky! How did you go?

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Well, I managed to beat it (so it is possible) but damn this game is hard! :P It took me 33mins....

Congrats on persisting for that long and beating the unpatched version!

I have adjusted the game to smooth out the difficulty and loosen up the timing required for wall jumps. If you're still interested, try playing v1.2!


i LOVE this, but i cant get past the 3 chickens on the first level (standing on top of each other). i have barked at them and they have moved, but they get stuck.

Thanks! Once they've moved you can use the platform they were on to do a few wall jumps up to the next block, then jump over to the left and continue.


i tried and tried. will have another go.

I have adjusted the game to smooth out the difficulty and loosen up the timing required for wall jumps. If you're still interested, try playing v1.2!

You can also turn on Double Jumping if you'd like, just hold Select [S] and press [Up]

Thanks so much for persisting!