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Mini Math Defence

1st game in @2HitMatt's and my challenge. We're releasing 1 project per month for the rest of the year. We only had 2 weeks this month so here's a quick prototype of a maths/tower defence mashup, straight from my tired dad brain to your screens.

I'm using this as an exercise in consistency and imperfection, and also to learn GameMaker. Unfortunately this means Windows-only releases unless I decide to splurge on an upgraded GM subscription.

Solve maths problems to shoot. Jump to strike the block with the correct answer. The level increases every 30 seconds, speeding everything up, adding more monsters per wave, but also increasing bullets per shot. There is no coded "end" but if you can crash it let's call that a win. No sound/music here, no time!

Jump - W / Up
Aim Left - A / Left
Aim Right - D / Right

I'm probably not returning to this to fix bugs, consider it a prototype. Now onto August's project!


MathDefence.zip 4.2 MB

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