Play as Nick Baird, a manager at X-Ploit Studios. The developers working on X-Ploit's latest games have been slacking off, and it's up to you to scare them to their PCs and crunch before launch date!

Crunch Boss is a Sokoban-inspired puzzle game developed in 10 days for GBJAM 9. Featuring 16 increasingly brain-bending levels, Crunch Boss will test the limits of your logic and reasoning. Share your lowest score in the comments below.


If your developers are being stubbornly insubordinate, a level skip option is available in the menu (Start button / A key). Skipping a level will add the full budget of yells to your score along with a penalty yell. Upper management will hear about this!


Big thanks to @2HitMatt for the story concept, go play his GBJAM entry!

I strongly recommend downloading the Windows version for the optimal experience!


ActionGameBoy Button
Keyboard (QWERTY)
Move Up/Down/Left/RightD-padArrow Keys
Change yell direction
(Levels 11-16 only)
Open menu
 - Toggle background music
- Skip level
Reset level

Keys can be rebound using the TIC-80 operating system by pressing Esc

GBJAM Disclaimer

Crunch Boss was made for GBJAM 9 in TIC-80, a fantasy console. The resolution and palette of the TIC-80 operating system cannot be modified to suit the rules of the jam. However, the game itself does follow all the rules. Pressing Escape will bring up the TIC-80's built in menu - this should also not be considered part of the entry as it part of the engine and cannot be modified.


  • Particle effects library based on code by Viza, freely available on and used with permission.


crunchboss-1.0.2.exe 2 MB

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