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Great little puzzle game. Tough but not impossible and super fun graphics and concept. I had 44 barks. Is that good or bad?


I really like it!

Hello, i've played this game and it is my favorite tic-80 puzzle game. Would you like to join my tic-80 game jam?

Really nice, I stopped at level 11. It's to late for solving enigmas. However, I finished 2 levels with one bark at the end.


Small but addicting I like it

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Great Game

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I got 78 barks! Great game, thanks for making it =]

Cheers Erik! I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's a great score!


nice little sokoban! the four-directional bark gives the puzzles just the right amount of complexity. also, the gradual palette shift is a cool effect, and fits the theme. i'm currently stuck on level 10, but i'll resume later..!


oh, and congrats for winning the jam! :>

Thanks for playing borb! I hope you can crack level 10. I ended up using an RGB lerp for the sky, I tried your HSV one but the sky went green in between (makes sense when you think about it).


79 barks :-) (could be 78 because  I miss-barked once...)! It's a nice game, I like that mechanics. The puzzles are nice and simple.  Music sounds great too. I'd love to play more levels with expanded mechanics. 


Thanks Konrad, 78 would be better than my current best, so really good work on that - I knew there would be more optimal solutions to some of the later levels. The music is by Larner if you're interested in his work.

I am considering turning this into a full release, so I'm glad you'd play it! If you follow me you'll get a ping if/when I release it here on itch. Thanks again for playing :)


The game was great! Simple, but challenging at the same time. Amazing job!

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.


This was great, nice job!

Thanks BigGriz, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)